Sheathing Face & Back

Sheathing paper is available for both face and back applications to produce Sheathing Board which is used to form a surface onto which other material can be applied. It is available in basis weights from 42# to 54# per thousand square feet (MSF). This product was developed to enable builders to use a lighter weight board (1/2 inch versus 5/8) and have the same sag resistant properties. It is generally produced in a golden brown or black color to distinguish it from standard wallboard.

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Critical PropertiesUOMMinTargetMaxTest MethodMethod Comments
Basis Weight lbs/msf -2.0 as ordered +2.0 ABB Scanner
Moisture weight % 7.5 9.00 10.5 ABB Scanner
Porosity sec/100cc Grade Dependent Autoline Gurley; 5-min 300°F cure
Face Cobb g/100cm^2 0.30 0.80 1.50 T-441 10-min 250°F cure; 3-min 120°F water
Bond Cobb g/100cm^2 0.50 0.70 1.2 T-441 10-min 250°F cure; 3-min 120°F water
ZDT psi -20 BW dependent* ----- T-541 Uncured
MD Tensile lbs/in -10 BW dependent* ----- Autoline 5-min 300°F cure
CD Tensile lbs/in -4 BW dependent* ----- Autoline 5-min 300°F cure
Smoothness Sheffield SU 350 Autoline 5-min 300°F cure
Coefficient of Friction degrees Grade Dependent T-815 Uncured; test 3x, record 3rd value
Expansion 180 sec % -0.30 BW dependent* +.30 CD Wet Uncured; 10” strip

*BW Dependent Targets:

MD Tensile 83 90 95
CD Tensile 28 32 35
ZDT 80 75 73
Expansion 1.15 1.0 0.80

Additional Requirements:

Surface Quality – Paper shall be uniform in appearance and formation. Examples of defects include, but are not limited to: orange peel, discoloration, tiger striping, streaking, spotting (dirty face), fuzzing, fish hooks, cockles, excessive wire, felt, press roll, or other marking.

Flatness – Paper shall lie flat - free of cockles, edge warp, curling, and grooves.

Holes – Paper shall be reasonably free from holes (no repetitive MD holes). Holes smaller than 3" may be patched (no more than 2 per roll).

Roll Quality – Rolls shall be tightly wound. No telescoping. No wrinkles. No crushed or damaged cores. Splices shall be clearly marked. No splices 1" from the top. Core diameter: 4".

Physical Damage – Paper shall be free from physical defects including, but not limited to tears, edge nicks, excess moisture.

Packaging – Rolls shall be packaged to prevent damage during transport (ex: plastic wrapped). Rolls shall be marked to indicate bond side and labeled with roll number, basis weight, MD & CD tensile strength, top & bond cobb, and porosity.