Republic Paperboard Company Produces 100% Recycled Paper

Our core business is the manufacture of gypsum wallboard face and back liner. We also manufacture specialty gypsum liners resistant to moisture and mold and mildew. Republic also manufactures linerboard, corrugating medium, and white and brown bag papers.

Customizable Products

All Republic Paperboard products can be customized to fit your needs! We also have off-spec and downgraded rolls.

Republic’s Core Business

Gypsum Liner Is Republic’s Core Business

our sheet is comprised of 100% recycled fibers
  • Product development and growth efforts focused exclusively on gypsum liner products
  • Alternative markets / products supplied only when gypsum liner demand is reduced and production capacity exists
  • Increased production capacity of gypsum liner ~20% over design of 275,000 tons
  • Provide paper to slow speed lines, high speed lines, synthetic gypsum, natural rock, etc
  • Solid and experienced management team with high degree of product and customer exposure
  • Products include, but are not limited to, face and back, mold/mildew resistant, moisture resistant, sheathing, shaftwall, soffit